Bridal Trials-4 Part Series..To The Bride & Artist
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Friday, July 15, 2016
By Erin Hunt
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To The Bride:

Do you have to or need a Bridal Trial? Probably my number one question behind, what are your rates.  My answer..YES!  If it is not in your budget and the only way you can afford your preferred artist is not to do one, then that is the exception.  At that point I recommend a very in depth conversation along with many pictures of what you know for sure you like, how your skin and hair hold up to product,  and looks good on you.   Bridal Trials are so incredibly important for not only you but your artist, family, schedule, & peace of mind.

I can not begin to tell you the amount of brides I have had come in with images from Pinterest or the web, set in their mind that this look is their absolute vision for wedding day.   Sadly, they soon are disappointed and panicked when it does not look as good on them as the picture.    My motto is "every bride is Unique & Special, their Hair & Makeup should be the same"  It is imperative that each bride choose a style that suits her personality, dress, venue, wedding, etc.  No matter what style you choose, you need to LOVE IT 100%  The trial is the perfect place to test run all these ideas, pictures, and visions of wedding day you have in your head.

A trial will most likely be an added cost outside of wedding day..why?  You are paying for that artists time, space, product, and expert advice.  Everything your artist does from the moment you email them is "time".  Time is emailing answers to all your questions, scheduling, renting or owning the space where they do the trial, time away from their family, time where they are paying for business insurance, licensing, it goes on and on.  A true professional Hair & Makeup Artist must account for not just putting makeup on your face or doing your hair, but running a business.

The artist you choose should be open to spending extra time for you to try different looks.  Remember, this is your time to get out all the "possibilities" of styles you might think will be the look for your wedding day.  If the Artist runs out of time, a good artist will re-schedule you at another time until you are happy.  Exception: If you walk out happy that day and then change your mind, that is on you and you will need to pay for another appointment.  I find this happens a lot with clients who schedule their trials more then 3 months out, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but gives you so much time to ponder over and over "what if?"  I think an ideal time is about 6 weeks out, if you are going with a reputable and trusted artist.  If you have any doubts or just want to get your trial done, please schedule as early as you are comfortable.

Lastly, book your artist sooner then later! Put them on a hold, give a deposit, whatever you have to do to secure them first.  Do Not Wait until last minute or for the trial.  I know here in Seattle we book out at least a year in advance, as our wedding season is a short amount of time and many of us are already booked when you are looking a few months before your June wedding.

Hope you find this helpful and be sure to check out Part 2 of Bridal Trial Series: For Brides

Erin Hunt

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