Bridal Trials: Part 2 For The Bride
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Tuesday, August 09, 2016
By Erin Hunt
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To The Bride:

Now that you understand the value of a trial, lets really get your money's worth!  I suggest to my brides they schedule their trial on an event day or when they are doing something special or wedding related.  For example, bridal shower, bachelorette, friends wedding, dinner, dress fitting, etc.  This way you can see how your look holds up during the day to eveing transition and get feedback from friends and family.

What to Bring?

Many brides bring their veil if they have it, earrrings or hair ornament to the the trial to see how it compliments the look    I think the most helpful item to bring is a picture of your dress and everthing else can be decided upon wedding day.  I do although like to know at the trial if you will be wearing a veil or hair ornament, so we can take that into account when we do the style.  I have had a few brides choose a very intricate or delicate style that makes it really difficult to get a large veil comb into and we have to be creative on how to get it to stay in their hair without ruining the style.  Honestly don't fret your pretty bride self too much over determing perfect placement now, it is best decided on wedding day when you are in your dress, have hair & makeup done, and know what it all looks like together.  Just bring everything and decide in the moment.


Anything Else?

This is also a great time to discuss timing if you know it, other services like bridal party, tans, rehearsal hair & makeup etc.  Most of my weddings require at least 1 extra stylist to help get everything done in a timely fashion.  Seattle wedding season is so short and intense, many stylists get booked and if you wait too long to ask for help there will be no one available to work with you.  This is why it is best to let your artist know as far in advance as possible so they can reserve the best person.

Ask your artist how they like to schedule on wedding day.  I  work everyone on a 45 minute per person/service, 1 hour 30 minutes for H&M. If your artist takes 2 hours+ for each person that is good to know so you can plan accordingly.  I like to have the bride go right before her 1st look or last if they are not ding a first look, so their makeup is fresh and they have the day to enjoy family & friends.  Some like to do hair before makeup and vice versa, this is also important to work out if you have 2 seperate stylist for Hair & Makeup as they might have their own preference.

Optional services I provide are Airbrush Spray Tans and Rehearsal Dinner H&M.  I like to do the tans 1 -2 days before hand and use the clear solution.  Rehearsal dinner H&M is  a fun option to add since we can do an entirely different look and it allows me to get to know you even more.


The Trial is such a great opportunity for so many vital aspects to your wedding, please don't underestimate its importance as it truly can lead to a flawless day or a very stressful one.

Best Wishes,



Bridal Trials: Part 2 For The Bride

Advice on what to expect, how to plan, things to look for in a bridal trial leading up to your big day.

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