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Thursday, August 18, 2016
By Erin Hunt
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Today's topic is a request from a friend of mine, but one that I hear concern over constantly.  What is the right shadow to use on "older eyes"?  Well, I call us ladies ...Women of Grace, and honestly what is most important are the 3 P's.  Product, Prep, & Priority.  The way you prep your eye lid and with what product, is more important then having all YSL or Chanel products at your disposal.  Now those products are truly wonderful don't get me wrong, but if used the wrong way, it will not matter what you use.  It is a major Priority to Prep & use the correct Product for your specific skin & lid type.

Throughout my years of experience, reading up on multiple aging eye topics, and polling all my artist friends, this is the advice I can offer you.

1. Prime Prime Prime the EYE!  What you will use can differ greatly from person to person, so there is truly not 1 magical product that will be great for everyone.  If your eyes are oily, stay away from super heavy or oily products, this will only make the shadow slip of your eyelid faster.  Go in with a nice moisturizer all over your face and lightly on the eye, followed by something like a Paint Pot (MAC) or concealer, foundation, or Eyelid Primer (Laura Mercier or Too Faced).  My 2 personal favorites are MAC Paint Pots & Face Atelier Concealer.   I do like to let my moisturizer sink in a few minutes before putting on my primer and shadow.  There are a couple products out there that help with super oily eyelids and turn your products to waterproof.  I like Makeup Forever Aqua Seal, you must use this quickly but it has really helped some of my clients with oily lids.

2. Product:  There has been so much out there saying NEVER use shimmer on older eyes..I disagree.  I think a subtle shimmer is great and masks some of our wrinkles or creases.  What I would stay away from is too light and too matte inner eye corner color.  This will increase the look of wrinkles and creases and create this "wet tissue paper" look.  Creams are great so long as the product last and you can blend it easily.  You can definitely use a matte crease color but I would tend to keep it more of a satin texture on the upper portion of the eye and if you only have true matte focus it right at the lash line. 

3. Blend, then blend, then blend again LOL.   Just because we have creases and wrinkles does not mean you can't get a brush in there and do some circles!  Use a softer fluffier brush to blend out any harsh lines and edges.  Softer more blurred lines create a "soft" look which makes many women look more youthful.  This does not mean you have to use beige and soft colors, just be sure to blend and soften whatever color you choose.

Hope this helps, please message me if you have any questions or requests.

Now go and have fun with your eyes!


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