Vacation During Wedding Season?
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Thursday, July 21, 2016
By Erin Hunt
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Wedding season in Seattle is an intense race from May/ June - September/October.   Although many choose to take vacations in January February, I am a mom of 2 girls, wife, sister, & daughter, summer vacation is a an important time for family.   

Mondays are usually the busiest email day of the week and even though I am on vacation, wedding season is not.   I received 5 bridal inquires, 1 of which I booked for December,  and 2 wedding coordinator emails that needed answers right away.  I also try and email my bride(s) for that weekend, a quick note to say Happy Wedding Week, and to confirm location one last time along with anything else they may need.  I find this quick added point of connection important so the bride feels relaxed and comforted that I am ready and care about her day rather then worrying I forgot about her or not show up.  

I take great pride and seriously the response rate I have for my business.  We wedding artists do this every week, our brides do not, it is in your best interest to view their day as just as important.   I have booked multiple jobs purely on the fact I responded quickly.  (Even on Vacation!). I have the Apple IPhone 6 plus 128 gig so I can basically have a computer with me at all times.  I have all my schedules on Google docs, notes on the trials I did, calendar, rate and information sheet, videos, etc etc.  I need to be 90% fully functional no matter where I go.  

I am for sure not saying you can't ever "unplug" or leave, I definitely believe in balance, if you need to unplug set your email setting to vacation mode and respond as soon as you return. 


I wish you you all a great week and see you on wedding day.

Vacation During Wedding Season

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