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Thursday, July 14, 2016
By Erin Hunt
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Who Are You?

My name is Erin Hunt and I have been a freelance Hair & Makeup Artist (HMU) for over 14 years.  I live in Seattle with 2 beautiful daughters, my husband, and a 9 week old golden retriever puppy.  I am here to share experience, advice, mistakes, and everything Hair & Makeup.  I will not boast to know all the answers or tell you its the only way to do things.  I can only give you my perspective and I hand it off to you to make it your own personal style.  Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, feedback, or just a laugh.  I ask you try and keep it positive and do not speak negative of any of my fellow artists, clients, or partners.  This blog is to help all of us grow creatively, and enhance our craft & business.  

I look forward to this experience and hope to be of any size help to those who seek it.

Erin Hunt 

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