Working With Other Artists Dota2
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Tuesday, August 02, 2016
By Erin Hunt
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Each year, Seattle holds the TI (Tournament International) Dota2 Gaming tournament by the Bellevue based Valve Corporation.  This eSports Gaming competition is a 2 week 18 team throw down for multi-million dollar cash winnings.  It is a huge production that happily requires the help of us HMU's.  I have been lucky to have been involved in this tournament for the 2nd year in a row and have so much fun!  We as HMU's rarely get to work with other artists unless it is a larger production, so we take advantage of this time together.  The below video is a small window into this fascinating world of eSports.  Erin Beal of Emerald City Beauty joins me in 2 media days and 4 days of tournament play before they head to Key Arena for the big show down.  Hope you enjoy our silliness and as always, please feel free to ask a question or let us know if you want to see something specific.

TI6 Dota2

Follow both Artists on Media Day 2 at the TI6 Dota2 International Tournament. What it is like to work with other people, green screens, and just being silly

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